Digital 3D course guide with GPS distances, shot tracking and score registration

Individual golfer's dashboard with statistics, round history and preferences

Follow players live during round, see leaderboard and course overview/holes

Your personal statistics on all played rounds

Personalize your club settings

Control detailed features of the app

Add/Remove friends, set sharing filters

Booking, In Play, Prepped, join a round

Select from "my courses" or nearby

View statistics for this course specifically

Preview holes, see distances, measure, plan, add personal POI and notes

Select to begin a new round

Add players, change players, select tee, set preferences for your round

Upright, Flat, Landscape

Detailed 3D flyover from tee to green

Course Overview

Round Summary

Round Settings

Statistics for current course


Help Overlays

Online Help (Tutorial)

Show front/flag/back of green in Large Numbers

GPS location, signal quality and manual place

Automatic shot tracking from GPS location

Manual shot tracking/adjustments

Zoom and pan

Change holes

Longpress features

Enter score and putts


Score conflicts

Adjust score

Pts/Par/SPar button

Close Round


Golf ID (Sweden only):  Use your existing Golf ID, no additional                                           registration is required

Email:  Login with email and password created when you registered

Register: Create a LiveCaddie acount (email & password)

App Login

Login:  Use your existing Golf ID or registerd email to access the                  individual golfer's dashboard with statistics, round history 

           and preferences


Login:  Use your existing Golf ID or registerd email to see your                    friends on the course

Non-registered users:  view courses and track players score and shots



Main Menu Video Tutorial

Main Menu

Rounds played:  Total rounds played with app

Holes played:  Holes played with logged shots (total holes played)

Longest drive:  Longest drive while logging shots (with Driver)

Average drive:  Average drive while logging shots (with Driver)

Total putts:  Total number of putts from all rounds played

Average putts:  Average number of putts per hole

Scrambling:  Percentage of scramble (chip and putt resulting in Spar                    or better)

Sand Saves:  Percentage of sand saves (bunker shot + 1 putt)

Fairway in regulation (FIR):  percentage of fairways hit (also missed                                           left and right of fairway)

Green in regulation (GIR): percentage of greens hit according to Spar



Main Menu

Golf Bag

Template adjustments (set club distances according preset templates)

Gender and age:  Preset club distance according to gender and age

Skill level:  Preset club distance according to skill level

Distance unit:  Distance in either Yards or Meters

Roll:  Set roll percentage according to roll distance for each club

Custom adjustments (customize club distance to the exact distance you hit them)

In Use (toggle):  Toggle on/off for clubs currently in your bag

Name:  Set club name (example: W (wood), I (iron), H (hybrid)

Carry:  Distance you carry each club in the air

Roll %:  Percentage each club rolls after landing

Total:  Total distance you hit each club (carry + roll)


Main Menu


Player Preferences

Privacy Setting:  Public - Visible on tracker map to all viewers

                        Friends - Visible on tracker map to friends

                        Private - Not visible on tracker map

Handicap:  Set your current handicap

Golf ID (Sweden only):  Link you golf ID

Distance unit:  Set distance measurements to Yards or Meters

Distance to:  Set distance to flag, center, or front of green

Point of interest filters 

Enabled (toggle):  Hide POI distance outside set range

Start range:  Hide POI distance closer than this value

End range:  Hide POI distance farther than this value

Golf bag preferences 

Club setup:  Set individual club distances (see also Golf bag)

Layup club:  Set club to be auto suggested for layup shots

Chip shot club:  Set club to be auto suggested for chip shots

Bunker save club:  Set club to be auto suggested for bunker saves

Miscellaneous preferences 

Shot registration (toggle):  Enables logging shots during a round

Putt registration (toggle):  Reminds you to log putts (if not logged)

Green super zoom (toggle):  Auto zoom to log putts more accurately


Main Menu

Manage Friends:  add friends, stay connected with their results


Booking:  round automatically created through a GIT booking

Prepped:  round settings have been adjusted, round not yet started

In Play:  round currently in progress

Join a round:  select to join a round created by another player

Manage activity list:  swipe from right to delete a round from your                                    activity list (delete hides round from phone,                                      round is still saved within the player dashboard,                                and can be permanantely deleted there

Activity List


Play Golf

My Courses:  Select a course you have already downloaded

Nearby:  Select a course from the course library, sorted by nearby

Select a Course

Play Golf Menu

View Statistics for your rounds at this course specifically


Browse Holes

Preview Holes:  Preview the layout and features of each hole

View Distances:  View distances on each hole to green, POI, etc

Measure: Measure distances to bunkers, layup areas, etc by pressing                 down and dragging the GPS cursor

Plan:  Plan course strategy and shot sequences

Add POI & Notes:  Add your own personal POI's and notes on each                                hole by "long pressing" on the area you which to 

                           add the POI/note and select "Add POI here"


Start new round

Select to start a new round (see next round setup)

Round Setup (GIT Booking) Video Tutorial

Round Setup (At Course) Video Tutorial

Round Setup

Add Players:  add the number of players in your group (note:  you can                     add players not using the app to keep their score)

Change Players:  change the names of players in your group

Set Player Hcp:  set each players hcp for automatic scoring and                                 points calculation (note: app users hcp is saved in                             their profile and automatically entered)

Set Tee:  press to change and set the tee each player will play from

Marker(toggle):  choose to be a score marker for players in the group

Distances to:  set GPS distance to flag, center or front of green

Shot registration (toggle):  on/off to log your shots 

Putt registration (toggle):  on/off to log your putts 

Tracker Map (toggle):  on/off to be visible on course tracker map

Share (toggle):  on/off to be prompted to share round at first tee

Roll adjust:  adjust roll for course conditions (hard, normal, soft)

Start hole:  select the hole you will start playing from (default is 1)

Save:  press to save round settings and begin the round

New Round


Orientation Modes

Hole View:  hold phone upright to see entire hole in 3D

                 pinch to zoom

                 press and move to pan



Top view:  hold phone flat to see zoomed in landing zone from above

               pinch to zoom

               press and move to pan


Perspective view:  turn phone horizontal to see landing zone in perspective

                           pinch to zoom

                           press and move to pan





Navigation Bar

Select after each hole to enter score and putts.  Also, mark score for other players in your group

Score Registration

Score Registration





Distance to Flag/COG



Select to view score for yourself and players in your group for the entire round.  To change a score on a specific hole, press to select and change.  Red marks indicate score conflicts (different scores reported for a player).  Press red score to select and resolve conflict (see also Scorecard section)


Press camera symbol to view a detailed 3D flyover of the hole from tee to green.  Use this feature to see hole features and undulations


Course Overview:  Select to view map of course

Round Summary:  Select to see round summary, info about the round,                           share round with friends, option to close round if                             done playing

Round Settings:  Select to change round settings

Statistics:  Select to see shot statistics for current round

Preferences:  Select to change personal preferences

Help Overlays:  Select to display help overlays on screen

Online Help (Tutorial):  Select to see full online help index

Clock Mode

Double Tap Distance to Flag/COG:  To access clock mode

Double Tap on screen:  To exit clock mode

Hold phone flat:  To see landing zone.  Hold phone upright to resume                           clock mode

Turn phone horizontal:  To see perspective view landing zone.  Hold                                      phone upright to resume clock mode

Log shots in clock mode:  Press, hold and swipe up to change club.  

                                      Release on selected club or tap to log shot

Signal quality:  Green:  Indicates highest GPS accuracy

                       Yellow:  Indicates medium GPS accuracy

                       Red:  Indicates lowest GPS accuracy

                       Blue:  Indicates cursor in manual place mode


GPS cursor

GPS cursor

GPS location:  Location indicated by crosshairs symbol

Signal quality:  Green:  Indicates highest GPS accuracy

                       Yellow:  Indicates medium GPS accuracy

                       Red:  Indicates lowest GPS accuracy

                       Blue:  Indicates cursor in manual place mode

Manual place:  Longpress on GPS cursor, then drag to adjust position                       manually (to a position other than current GPS                                 location).  Useful in areas with bad GPS signal.

Shot Tracking (Plan and Log Tee Shot) Video Tutorial

Shot Tracking (Approach Shot) Video Tutorial

Club Selection/Shot Tracking

Auto suggest:  app automatically selects club based on distance to 

                      Flag/COG and your personal club distances

Change club:  press, hold and drag up to change club

Club Selection

Shot Tracking

Log shot from GPS location:  Tap club to log, or press, hold and drag                                           up to change club.  When released, shot                                           is logged from current GPS location

Log shot manually:  Longpress on screen of desired location, then                                  select "Add stroke here" from dialouge box

Adjust logged shots:  Longpress on position of logged shot, then                                       select "move", "change club" or "remove" 


Club Selection

Navigation (Zoom, Pan, Longpress) Video Tutorial


Zoom and Pan

Zoom:  Pinch with 2 fingers to zoom in/out 

Pan:  Press and drag to pan around

Change holes

Swipe from right/left edge across screen to change holes


Press menu > course overview > press hole number from map


Press and hold on screen, then select "Add POI here", "Add stroke here", "Add penalty stroke" or "Hole out"


Score Registration/Scorecard Tutorial Video

Score Registration


Enter Score/Putts:  Swipe to enter score and putts 

Marker (toggle):  Choose to mark score for players in your group


Score Conflicts:  Scores are cross referenced.  Longpress to resolve 

Adjust score:  Longpress to change score on any hole

Pts/Par/Spar button:  Longpress to display desired output

Close Round:  Select to close and complete the round when finished

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