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Preview a Course

You can preview any course within LiveCaddie. View each hole and gain a better understanding of the course in order to plan your round....

Round Summary

From within the Round Summary page, you can see information about the round, share your round on social media, adjust the round settings,...

Pick a Course

Select a course from the list of courses available in LiveCaddie. "Nearby" sorts courses in order of proximity to your location, nearest...

Register New Account

Welcome to LiveCaddie! Create a new account today, and start enjoying all the features and benefits it has to offer.

Main Hub (Home Screen)

Navigate the features of the LiveCaddie main hub (home screen).

Main Hub Menu

From within the "Main Hub Menu", you can access the following features: Back Arrow: Return to Main Hub (arrow icon top left corner). My...

Create a New Round

Learn how to create a new round. Step by Step instructions to set up your round to maximize your experience out on the course.

Browse Course Menu

As you are browsing (or previewing) a course, you can select the menu icon in the top right corner to see the "Browse Course Menu". Back...

Continue a Round in Progress

Learn how to continue playing a round you have already started.

Start a Booked Round

Learn how to start a booked round from a booking made through any booking service.

Keep Score

Learn how to keep score for up to 4 players

Game Play Modes

Score/Green/Guide: learn about the 3 game play modes to utilize during your round.

Guide Mode Views

Utilize upright, flat and landscape mode to see every detail of the course.

In Round Menu

As you are playing a round, you can select the menu icon in the top right corner to see the "In Round Menu". Back Arrow: Select the icon...

Log Shot Settings

To get Log Shot Setting going you first need to setup your GOLFBAG with clubs and distances.

Basic Shot Logging

Learn the basics about how to log your shots.

Shot Parameters

Learn how to work with shot parameters to increase statistical analysis of your game.

Advanced Shot Logging

Learn how to use advanced shot logging to understand every detail of your game.

Long Press Functions

Discover the functionality with a "long press" while playing in Guide Mode.

My Profile

Customize your profile, manage notifications, set up your golf bag.

Edit Profile

Make changes to your profile.


Customize app settings to suit your game.

Notification Settings

Customize both incoming and outgoing notifications with your friends.

Golf Bag

Set up your golf bag to your exact clubs and distances.

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