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Rounds played:  Total rounds played with app

Holes Played:  Holes played with logged shots (total holes played)

Longest drive:  Longest drive while logging shots (with Driver)

Average drive:  Average drive while logging shots (with Driver)

Total putts:  Total number of putts from all rounds played

Average putts:  Average number of putts per hole

Scrambling:  Percentage of scramble (chip and putt resulting in Spar

or better)

Sand Saves:  Percentage of sand saves (bunker shot + 1 putt)

Fairway in regulation (FIR):  Percentage of fairways hit (also missed

left and right of fairway)

Green in regulation (GIR):  Percentage of greens hit according to Spar

Main Menu

Golf Bag

Template adjustments (set club distances according preset templates)

Gender and age:  Preset club distance according to gender and age

Skill level:  Preset club distance according to skill level

Distance unit:  Distance in either Yards or Meters

Roll:  Set roll percentage according to roll distance for each club

Custom adjustments (customize club distance to the exact distance you hit them)

In Use (toggle):  Toggle on/off for clubs currently in your bag

Name:  Set club name (example: W (wood), I (iron), H (hybrid)

Carry:  Distance you carry each club in the air

Roll %:  Percentage each club rolls after landing

Total:  Total distance you hit each club (carry + roll)

Main Menu


Player Preferences

Privacy Setting:  Public - Visible on tracker map to all viewers

Friends - Visible on tracker map to friends

Private - Not visible on tracker map

Handicap:  Set your current handicap

Golf ID (Sweden only):  Link your golf ID

Distance unit:  Set distance measurements to Yards or Meters

Distance to:  Set distance to flag, center, or front of green

Point of interest filters

Enabled (toggle):  Hide POI distance outside set range

Start range:  Hide POI distance closer than this value

End range:  Hide POI distance farther than this value

Golf bag preferences

Club setup:  Set individual club distances (see also Golf bag)

Layup club:  Set club to be auto suggested for layup shots

Chip shot club:  Set club to be auto suggested for chip shots

Bunker save club:  Set club to be auto suggested for bunker saves

Miscellaneous preferences

Shot registration (toggle):  Enables logging shots during a round

Putt registration (toggle):  Reminds you to log putts (if not logged)

Green super zoom (toggle):  Auto zoom to log putts more accurately

Main Menu

Manage Friends:  Add friends, stay connected with their results


Booking:  Round automatically created through a GIT booking

Activity List

Prepped:  Round settings have been adjusted, round not yet started

In Play:  Round currently in progress

Join a round:  Select to join a round created by another player

Manage activity list:  Swipe from right to delete a round from your

activity list (delete hides round from phone,

round is still saved within the player dashboard

and can be permanately deleted there

Main Menu Video Tutorial

Golf Bag
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