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See your statistics, and access "Train-to-Master advanced statistics.

Quick statistics are calculated automatically from all the rounds you have played.

18 holes: Your average score for an 18 hole round

Front 9: Your average score on the first 9 holes

Back 9: Your average score on the second 9 holes

Par 3: Your average score on Par 3 holes

Par 4: Your average score on Par 4 holes

Par 5: Your average score on Par 5 holes

Rounds played: Number of rounds you have played, Number of 18 hole rounds

Holes analyzed: Number of holes you have played in total across all rounds

Longest drive: The longest drive you have recorded using shot logging

Average drive: Average distance of all drives recorded using shot logging

Total putts: The total number of putts you have hit across all rounds

Average putts: The average number of putts you hit per hole

Scramble: Percentage that you succeed in scrambling (1 chip, 1 putt, par or better)

Sand Saves: Percentage that you succeed in sand saves (1 sand shot, 1 putt, par or better)

Fairways in Regulation: Left of fairway, In fairway, Right of fairway, by percentage

Greens in Regulation: Hit green in regulation, missed green in regulation, by percentage

Train-to-Master: Select to access the Train-to-Master advanced statistics system. Statistics generated in LiveCaddie are automatically uploaded within your Train-to-Master profile.



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