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Create a New Round

Learn how to create a new round. Step by Step instructions to set up your round to maximize your experience out on the course.

Continue a Round in Progress

Learn how to continue playing a round you have already started.

Start a Booked Round

Learn how to start a booked round from a booking made through any booking service.

Keep Score

Learn how to keep score for up to 4 players

Game Play Modes

Score/Green/Guide: learn about the 3 game play modes to utilize during your round.

Guide Mode Views

Utilize upright, flat and landscape mode to see every detail of the course.

Long Press Functions

Discover the functionality with a "long press" while playing in Guide Mode.


Customize app settings to suit your game.

Golf Bag

Set up your golf bag to your exact clubs and distances.

Course Data Classification

Understand the levels of mapping and detail of data and course graphics created.

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