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Digital 3D course guide with GPS distances, shot tracking and score registration

Individual golfer's dashboard with statistics, round history and preferences

Follow players live during round, see leaderboard and course overview/holes

Your personal statistics on all played rounds

Personalize your club settings

Control detailed features of the app

Add/Remove friends, set sharing filters

Booking, In Play, Prepped, join a round

Select from "my courses" or nearby

View statistics for this course specifically

Preview holes, see distances, measure, plan, add personal POI and notes

Select to begin a new round

Add players, change players, select tee, set preferences for your round

Upright Flat


Detailed 3D flyover from tee to green

Course Overview

Round Summary

Round Settings

Statistics for current course


Help Overlays

Online Help (Tutorial)

Show front/flag/back of green in Large Numbers

GPS location, signal quality and manual place

Automatic shot tracking from GPS location

Manual shot tracking/adjustments

Zoom and pan

Change holes

Longpress features

Enter score and putts


Score conflicts

Adjust score

Pts/Par/SPar button

Close Round

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