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Continue a Round in Progress

It's easy to continue a round already in progress. As long as you keep the LiveCaddie app open, even if its in the background (for example you may have taken a phone call or sent an email), the app will remain in a state where you are still "in" the round. However, if you close the app for any reason, your progress in the round is automatically saved.

To continue a round already in progress, simply re-open the LiveCaddie app, and login. On the main hub (main screen), your round in progress will be highlighted as "currently playing" within the rounds list. There are 2 ways to continue playing this round:

Option 1: Press the "Continue Playing Round" button at the top of the main hub.

Option 2: Select the highlighted round from your rounds list marked "Currently playing", then, within the round summary page, select "Play Now".

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