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Create a New Round

Follow these simple steps to create a new round. To get started, from the main hub, select "Create New Round".

Note: In Sweden, if you already have made a booking, a round will automatically be created. You can select that round from "upcoming". For instructions on starting a booked round, see "Start a booked Round".


Pick a Course

First you need to select a course to play. You can select between two tabs at the top of the screen. "Nearby" will show courses closest to your GPS location. "Alphabetical" lists all courses available on LiveCaddie. Additionally, you can search for a course by selecting the search icon in the top right corner. To select a course to play, simply press on the name of the course, and proceed to the next step (Round Settings). For an explanation of data quality for each course (3D, 2D, S) see "Course Data Classification".


Round Settings

On the Round Settings page, its easy to set up your round. Start by defining the number of players in your round, and set up the names, hcp, tee, shcp and marker options for each player.

Name: name of each player in the round

Hcp: each players individual handicap

Tee: the tee position from which that individual player will play

Shcp: Slope handicap, based on players hcp and the tee position

Marker: Toggle to serve as a marker for that player (keep their score)

Next, choose your privacy settings for visibility on the course tracker map. Then, define the hole your group will start playing on. You can toggle to share your round on social media, so your friends can follow your progress on the course in real time. Lastly, choose if you would like to log your shots (toggle on/off).

Now your round is set up and ready to go. If you are setting the round up in advance of your tee time, select "Save for Later", which will save this round in your rounds list on the main hub. It is accessible directly from the main hub and ready to go when its your turn on the tee. Or if you are ready to go, select "Play Now" to begin your round directly.

If you have toggled "Log your shots" on, there will be a continue button at the bottom of the page. On the next page, you can customize your log shot settings, and then either choose "Save for Later" or "Play Now" from that screen.


Add/Update Player

You can set up your round for up to 4 players, just like a traditional scorecard. You (the app user) are always listed in the "Player 1" position. Your handicap is automatically filled in based on the information you provided during registration (your handicap can be changed within "My Profile"). You can change the tee you wish to play from by selecting the tee listed on the line for your name. When you change the tee, your Shcp for the round will automatically be updated. There is no toggle for "marker" on the line for your name, since you always keep score for yourself. However for each player that you add to the round, you can toggle on/off to be a marker for that player, meaning you will also enter the score for that player during the round.

To add a player, select "+ Player 2". This will open the "Add/Update Player" screen. Type the name of the player you wish to add. If this player is not a LiveCaddie user, you will need to manually fill in the players Handicap, Tee, and define gender. Select "Done" to add the player and return to the "Round Settings Screen".

If you would like to add a LiveCaddie user to your round, type their name (or in Sweden their Golf-ID), and then select search. Select the correct name from the list and press "Done" to add the player and return to the "Round Settings Screen".


Privacy (for tracker map)

Choose if you would like to be visible on the courses Tracker Map, so that spectators may follow your round live, in real time, on the course website.

No One: You are not visible to anyone on the Tracker Map

Friends: You are only visible to your friends within LiveCaddie on the Tracker Map

Everyone: You are visible to everyone that visits the Tracker Map on the course website

Please note: your settings from registration, which can be changed in "My Profile/Preferences", select one of the 3 options by default. You can choose a different selection than your default setting.


Miscellaneous Settings

Group Start on hole: define which hole your group will start the round on

Share Round: toggle on/off to share your round, so your friends can follow you live, in real time. There are several options to share via social media upon startup of the round (share round through text, skype, facebook, twitter, etc...)


Log Your Shots

Log your Shots: toggle on/off to log your shots (club and position) during the round.

Select "Continue" at the bottom of the screen to customize "Log Shot Settings"


Save for Later/Play Now

After making all of your choices on the round settings page you have a choice:

Save for Later: If you are setting up the round in advance, save your round settings, so you can begin your round right away when you are ready to play. Your round will be saved to your rounds list on the main hub (main screen)

Play Now: select to begin the round immediately.

Note: If you choose to log your shots, "Save for Later" and "Play Now" options are at the bottom of the next screen (log shot settings).



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