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Welcome to LiveCaddie! If you are from Sweden, and have a Golf-ID, simply select "Login with Golf-ID". There is no need to register, as the app uses your information associated with your Golf-ID.

If you do not have a Golf-ID, then you need to select "Register new Account", and follow the steps.


(1) Register

  • Enter your email (it must be a valid email, as you will receive a verification email at the end of the registration process)

  • Choose a password for your account (and repeat the password).


(2) Name + Handicap

  • Enter your first and last name.

  • If you have an official handicap, enter it in the "handicap" field. If you don't have a handicap, you can leave this blank. You can access you handicap through preferences within the app, and change/update as needed.

  • Select your gender (Male/Female)


(3) Personal Settings

  • Select the distance unit that you prefer (Yards/ft or Meters/cm). Distances on the course, as well as statistics generated from shot logging will be displayed using these measurements.

  • "Distance to" will show the distance from your current position to either the flag, center of the green, or front of the green. If the course you are playing uses the "MI Pin Manager" to set the flag positions daily, then you will get the exact distance to the pin. If the flag positions are not set by the course, you will see the distance to either the center or front of the green.

  • "Privacy" refers to who can see you and follow your round on the tracker map, found on the course's website. If you choose "No one", then you will be completely private. Choosing "friends" allows only your friends within LiveCaddie to see and follow your round. Choosing "everyone" allows anyone visiting the course website to see and follow your round on the tracker map.


(4) Player Profile

  • Select your country

  • "Home Club" You can enter your home or primary club (optional)



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